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Whether you own or manage a service business, I have two simple questions for you that could determine whether or not your business is profitable, or able to survive in this highly competitive market:

  • Who is your most ideal customer?
  • Do you have a reliable way to attract your ideal customer?
  • Do you have a predictable and consistent manner of attracting your ideal customer?

It’s absolutely imperative you have a proven way to identify your ideal customer, and also a reliable and predictable way to attract your most ideal customers.


Your Main

One of your main goals should be to get your most ideal customer banging down your doors, begging you to take their cash! And this can easily be accomplished by having a system for identifying your best customer and marketing to them in an affordable and systematic manner.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time with a prospect whether it’s in-person or over the phone and at the end of the conversation finding out:

  • They’re just “tire-kickers” who don’t have enough money to afford your service…
  • There’s no chemistry between the two of you…
  • Your product or service isn’t a good fit…
  • They’re in no hurry to complete the transaction and close the deal…

Your time is way too valuable to waste with people who can’t or won’t do business with you. So that’s why you need to be assertive at QUALIFYING everyone before you even meet with them. Let your competitors spend their time talking to “tire-kickers” and “‘lookie-loos” who do nothing, but waste time.



Target and attract the

So if you’re not utilizing the most profitable; up-to-date and proven tactics to grow your business, in today’s highly competitive market, then you’re leaving thousands of dollars behind on the table!

Now, the question you may be asking yourself is “how can I target and attract the right type of customer and also get them interested enough in what I have to offer”.

If that’s the case, then you should contact us immediately.

Save yourself time and money by trying to do it all yourself and avoid becoming frustrated and “burnt-out” in the process.


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